Be a part of our restoration project dubbed as "ADOPT A SPACE FOR THE GLORY OF GOD". It is a fund raising project involve in the repair and repainting works in order the ceiling's original paintings. Through this undertaking, we expect to be able to preserve and promote more effectively the historical value as well as the spiritual significance of the Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel. The financial assistance ( in the amount of Php. 2,000.00) from each benefactor funds the restoration of a particular portion (1 square meter) of the church's ceiling. With this, each generous donor contributes to the completion of the project and the communal aspect of this undertaking is all the more accentuated.

FOSMA 2014

  • Araya, Gil
  • Ayangco, Manuel
  • Babierra, Arnel
  • Zafranco, Aga Paolo Angelo
  • Biazon, Mario
  • Sumilang, Cesar Jr.
  • Tabi, Armando
  • Reyes, Vinson
  • Mancenido, Ernest
  • Goze, Dustin Felix
  • Valencia, Aldrin
  • Reynoso, Luis
  • Reyes, Dominador
  • Dela Cruz, Sesinando
  • Cabuyao, Suprimo

  • Pontioso, Elda
  • Jalocon, Maricel
  • Jacela, Librada
  • Profugo, Estelita
  • Lachica, Laarni
  • Pontioso, Chit Berroya
  • Manzano, Wenifreda
  • Llames, Joy
  • Dadios, Alodia
  • Juntereal, Lilian
  • Eguia, Billy
  • Sibug, Carol
  • Quinsanos, Eva
  • Aguinaldo, Marie Krista
  • Obispo, Nica Andrei

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